2020 Connect

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2020 Connect
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'2020 Connect': In this game, you need to connect 4 equal numbers in order to remove them from the board. first, you pick a number, than tap on the desired destination point. Pay attention to avoid blocked paths. If you didn't get it, don't worry, there's good and intuitive tutorial to get you into the game, although we're sure that you'd recognize the game mechanics right away (someone mentioned the legendary 'Lines'?) '2020 Connect' qualifies as a math game only because numbers are used as main objects, although they could easily be replaced with, for example, colored balls, diamonds or whatever. But ok, the game is smooth and fun anyway. Some say that '2020 Connect' is one of the best 2048 variants. Why they called it 2020? It's beyond me... If you like games containing the '2020' number in their titles, then try out 2020 Deluxe - although the gameplay is not even similar.    


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