2020 Deluxe

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2020 Deluxe
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'2020! Deluxe' is one of those 'drag pieces to fill horizontal or vertical line and make them disappear'. In some way similar to legendary Tetris, except that pieces don't move and you have all the time in the world to think about your strategy. Don't forget - you can, and should, fill vertical lines (columns) too - there's no penalty if you touch the ceiling of the stage. To unlock the next level you need to get certain amount of points. As you progress through levels (and there are 12 of them), pieces will become more complex and harder to fit. Although not original in any sense, '2020! Deluxe' is nicely polished and relaxing puzzle game. When you get done with this game, may I suggest you to try '2020 Connect'? Now, that's the game :)


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