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NBalls is a surprisingly fresh mix of a math game and classic bubble shooter with a bit of billiards and a pinch of its own original elements. Your task is to survive as long as you can by shooting down blocks containing numbers. Blocks are slowly going down and when a block reaches the bottom, you lost the game. At the beginning, your only weapon is one green ball with which you can aim and shoot to hit those blocks. When a ball hits the block, the block loses one energy point and, when the number reaches zero, the block gets destroyed. With time you'll get more ammunition (collect other, ringed, green balls) and your shots will get more power. Unfortunately, new, and stronger, block appear after each of your shots. Very soon, you'll learn that the basic tactics is to find the angle of shot that will produce most ball deflections, thus making more collisions with blocks. NBalls is simplistic and addictive game, give it a shot.


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