Solitaire Klondike

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Solitaire Klondike
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Solitaire Klondike is polished version of classic solitaire game. There are (a bit too) many customization options (12 backgrounds and 16 different card backs) and three game modes. The point is to build four piles on so-called, foundations in the top of the screen, starting from ace and ending with king. On the tableau below, you can move cards so that they are sorted in descending order, with alternating colors. Btw, this game got its name by the Canadian region famous for the gold rush in 19th century. It seems that lonely prospectors in Klondike invented this game to pass the time). Have fun with 'Solitaire Klondike'! If you're into solitaire games, but placed in a bit warmer place, try out Aloha Solitaire, here on PuzzleGuys.


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