Aloha Solitaire

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Aloha Solitaire
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'Aloha Solitaire' is an extremely simple patience cards game with Hawaiian flavor. Remove all cards from the board (in this case, from the beach) by matching their values. In this case, it means - literally, click on pairs of cards of same values. If you have no options, tap on the deck to reveal three more cards that can open you more options. Sometimes among those three cards you can spot the pair of same ones - don't miss them, since it's perfectly fine to remove them, too. Don't worry if you stay out of cards - if the deck gets empty, cards will simply be shuffled again, so you, practically, can't lose this game (with a simple click on the button you can also surrender, if you want). But even if you win, nothing 'deluxe' will happen, except you'll get a nice 'winner' title written in the sand. Are you into this kind of games? Don't be shy, we have other card games to show you.


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