The Stones of the Pharaoh

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The Stones of the Pharaoh
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'The Stones of the Pharaoh': being an archeologist isn't an easy task. What we see in the Indiana Jones movies is only a romantic fictional image - great adventures, exotic places, good guys beating bad guys. In reality, it comes down to - digging. And, more digging. Luckily, in this puzzle game, it's easy - just click on tile that's connected with at least one tile of the same color, to clear them off the board. Beware, if you click a lonely tile (no same colored tiles in the neighborhood), you lose life (pharaoh's obviously didn't have mercy with grave diggers). The game contains irritating 'Indiana Jones'-like background music which you will quickly turn off by clicking the upper-right corner button, just to find out that this music starts again if you leave the tab with the game in your browser and get back to it (it's a developer to be blamed, not us) , so it's better to mute the whole tab. 'The Stones of the Pharaoh' is glitchy, low quality puzzle game, that was published on this website only because we had nothing better to do at the moment.


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