Solitaire Swift

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Solitaire Swift
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"Solitaire Swift" is yet another take on the good old solitaire games category. We admit, this one has style, and is  extremely newbie-friendly. Place lower or higher cards on a build pile, disregarding color or sign. Cards with key symbol will unlock another build pile (don't get it? Nevermind, the game has nice intro tutorial) The game has three modes, 'Relax Mode', 'Time Mode' and 'Moves Mode' (the latter two need to be unlocked by solving preceding ones. 'Relax Mode' is, as it's name suggests, mode where nothing limits you - think as long as you wish about your next move. The other two modes introduce certain limits - 'Time Mode' gives you 90s to clear the board (although you can get bonus time for placing several cards in a row. 'Moves Mode' gives you a limited number of moves. Solitaire Swift is nicely done, somewhat resembling (in terms of graphics and sounds) the famous language learning app, Duolingo. You won't learn any new language with this game, but it will entertain you for sure. If this one is not enough, we have more cards games for you.


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