Plumber Game

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Plumber Game
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'Plumber Game' is yet another take on the well known type of puzzle games where you need to match pipes in order to connect two points and make the fluid flow. Off course, each game tries to add something original, at least in the graphic part (since everything else seems to be covered), so, in this one you need to fill the empty fish tank while the poor fish eagerly awaits (I'd like to know who put the fish in the empty aquarium in the first place.) To make things worse, it's not easy to let the water flow since all pipes are messed and need to be connected properly. Luckily for the little goldie, we have our hero, a bit depressive looking plumber who will fix the issue. Click on tiles to rotate pieces of plumbs and make a path for the water. Each level has more that one solution, it's up to you to pick one with smallest number of moves. Don't worry, the fish won't die even if you're sluggish, you may just lose some of reward stars at the end of the level. More match and connect games.


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