Merge Thirteen

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Merge Thirteen
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"Merge 13" is a cute attribution to the 'Connect 3' games category. This time you don't deal with colored balls, sweets or cute animals, but - numbers. But, don't be afraid, it's fun! The idea is to swipe your finger (or, mouse pointer on desktop machines) across equal numbers on the board and connect them. If you manage to connect at least three of the same kind, they will collapse into one number, for 1 bigger than numbers you connected. The ultimate goal is to make the final number - 13. Although it's not obvious at the first glance, this game demands more strategic thinking than you might think. It's important to decide where to start your path and where to finish it (connected numbers will collapse on the last number in the chain) in order to prepare the best situation for your next move. For each good move, the game will honor you with nice whoops (my favorite is - 'Godlike') to motivate you. If you get stuck, you can exchange your (hard-earned) coins for some booster, or another chance to continue the last game. Not easy but very relaxing and rewarding game with, as it is modern these days, minimalist design.


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