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Hex Zen
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'Hex Zen' is another take on brilliant idea of famous 'Hex FRVR', although, to be honest, pretty far from its awesomeness. As usual in this kind of games, your task is to drag pieces made of small hexagons onto the board in order to fill empty spaces. Wishing to bring in at least a bit of originality (which was a mistake, by the way), developers of this game don't ask you to fill straight lines in order to remove pieces. Instead, you need to use all given shapes and fill all empty fields on the board (some fields are already filled), so, this is, in some way, a variant of tangram. Mostly, you have only one combination that works, so, from time to time, you'll have to remove already, wrongly, placed pieces and start over. There are three levels of difficulty that you pick from the main menu. Good luck! If you liked this, perhaps you would like to try out Hex Blitz


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