Halloween Chain

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Halloween Chain
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'Halloween Chain' is a clone of famous Zuma. In case that someone missed, Zuma is the legendary title from 2003, responsible for huge amount of lost hours in people's lives. The idea of the game is to shoot incoming balls in order to match at least three of them. Balls are not losing time - they are approaching their goal, a hole in the ground, that you, witch standing in the center of the screen, need to defend at all costs. There are 13 levels to conquer, but that won't be easy since the balls quickly become faster and more 'scattered' (ie, the game will not send many consecutive same-colored balls). Tip: if you take closer look at the witch, you can see the next ball she's going to throw, in her left hand. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to switch them as in the original game. All in all, 'Halloween Chain' is no match for the original Zuma game, but it's a nice little, free, time waster.


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