Find the Candy

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Find the Candy
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'Find the Candy' brings a fresh air into the staled category of hidden objects games. Instead for dull search for static hidden thingies, this game requires a bit of strategical thinking (especially if you want to get all stars on the level). The goal is simple - you need to find one candy on each of twenty levels settled in some kids room surroundings. Unlike usual hidden objects games, here you can move objects around, cut ropes, collect boxes, all with one aim - to reveal the hiding place of the candy. Sometimes, the candy will be placed inside the glass ball which needs to be broken (by falling on the floor from a certain height). With 20 levels, the game will keep you amused for a while. There is one objection, however: sometimes the objects that obviously need to be clicked don't respond. Just be patient and click few more times until you find the 'sweet spot'. If you're into this type of games, visit our hidden objects games setion. Notice: if the game doesn't work in Firefox, please, try some decent browser, like Chrome...


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