Dragon: Fire & Fury

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Dragon: Fire & Fury
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"Dragon: Fire & Fury": once upon a time, there was an evil dragon who had collected unspeakable treasure in his cave, far away, in the mountains. There was also a king, who was even more evil and greedy than the dragon. The clash of these characters' desires leads to the unavoidable war - the king decides to take his army to the dragon's nest and take over his treasures, whatever the cost. Well, in this game you play the role of the dragon, and your task is to defend your cave, treasure and your life. Luckily, this isn't a violent game at all, rather, it's a turn-based Match3 game where one turn is yours, and the other one is played by the king. Every successful match you make, casts a spell and decreases king's energy (and kills his forces, although it seems he doesn't care), but he also has aces in his sleeve. Try other our match games


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