Domino Block

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Domino Block
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What we call domino, or dominoes, is not one distinctive game, but more - a family of games played with specific tiles that consist of two fields, each containing certain number of dots. Originally developed in ancient China, then brought to Europe by Italian missionaries. But, enough about history. What we have here is a bit modified, yet well known game, where you want to defeat your opponent (or 2, or 3 of them, since that's what you can pick in this game) by placing all your tiles on the board before he/she does. Match tiles with equal number of dots. There's no reserve pile of dominoes, so, if you're out of moves, you're locked. If all players get locked, the winner is the one with smallest sum of dots on his tiles. One game consists of several rounds, played until one player reaches certain number of points. Well made, with nice presentation, Domino Block certainly is one of the best on-screen versions of this ancient board game. For more board games, visit our board games section , here on


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