Block the Pig

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Block the Pig
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'Block the Pig' is a cute, turn based game where your opponent is a naughty pig (looking somewhat like a rabbit, though) who escaped from the pigpen. In order to prevent damage (and loss of the dinner) you need to stop it form leaving your yard. Unfortunately, you have no better equipment to prevent him from fleeing, but a bunch of stones that can be put on piggy's way on the hexagonal playing field in order to block it. First three stones can be placed while the pig is still, but every next move will be followed by the pig's move. If it reaches the border of the field, you lose the game (and, probably, the pig itself - only the wolf will be happy). Who could believe that pigs can be so good at tactics? If you win, you'll get a cute animation if piggy swinging on its little backside, and a surprising message that says: 'pg is blocked'. Who could ask for more. Visit our section for 'weird brain games' to get some more fun.


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