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'Blobs' is a coloring puzzle strategy game, where your goal is to paint the whole game scene into one color with fewest moves possible. You start with the top-left 'blob'. Pick the color in the palette (bottom-left) to change the color of the blob and 'melt' it with the same-colored surrounding blobs. This way you'll expand the colored area and, hopefully, cover the whole stage. There are 8 levels to complete, and, at first glance, there's not much visual difference between levels except the number of moves allowed (starting with 30 then reducing for 2 per each new level). But there's another subtle difference - with each level, colors become more scattered making it harder to cover big area at once. The safest bet for each move may seem to be this: to pick the prevalent neighboring color to your area, although you'll soon realize that sometimes it's actually better to pick the color that goes deepest into the unconquered area. When you're near the end, try to plan your moves in order to eliminate some colors totally from the board. As levels advance, the game gets more challenging and sometimes the luck will play a role.


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