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Blackjack is one of the best known card games, especially in casinos. Unlike other card games, in this one, battle takes place between the player and the dealer. The goal is to reach 21 point, or score higher than dealer's. The game starts by placing a bet and hitting the 'Deal' button. When you click 'Hit', you'll get another card (beware not  to exceed 21 otherwise you're 'Bust' and lost the game!) If you're satisfied with your cards, click 'Stand'. Click 'Double' to double your bet after the initial dealing and to get only one more card. Use this when you're confident of beating the dealer. The last option is to 'Split' cards. This option is opened for you if you get pair of same cards. You can choose to split them into two new hands, and you'll receive two more cards (one for each hand) and your bet will be doubled. So, basically, you continue to play with two independent hands, which gives you two chances to beat the dealer.


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